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Nucleus Startup Genie offers a range of services to help startups navigate the complex process of starting and growing a business such as incorporation, compliance, controllership, tax, legal, registrations, reporting as well as risk advisory. We have a highly skilled, dedicated professional team who work together towards achieving common goals and objectives, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their work is of the highest quality. 

Incorporation to Fundraise

Company Incorporation

Incorporating a company offers legal protection to the founders and limits their personal liability. It also enhances the credibility of the startup and makes it easier to raise funds and attract customers.


Startups need to register their company to establish legal recognition, comply with regulations, limit personal liability, build credibility, and conduct business effectively.


Startups need accounting and bookkeeping services to manage finances effectively, make informed decisions, stay compliant, save time, and reduce the risk of financial errors and fraud.

Secretarial Compliances

Compliance with secretarial regulations helps startups to avoid legal issues and penalties, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Direct Tax

Compliance can help startups take advantage of tax benefits such as deductions, exemptions, and credits. This can help reduce the tax burden and increase cash flow.

Indirect Tax

Compliance with indirect tax laws can help businesses claim input tax credit, which allows them to deduct the tax paid on their inputs from their output tax liability. This can help reduce the tax burden and improve cash flow.

MIS Reporting

MIS reporting system can help organizations improve decision-making, better plan their resources, enhance communication, reduce costs, and improve performance.

Payroll Management

Implementing an effective payroll management system can help organizations ensure accurate and timely payments, comply with laws and regulations, improve efficiency, maintain better records, and make better decisions related to employee compensation.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Maintaining proper accounts payable and receivable is essential for the financial health and stability of your business. By keeping track of your finances, you can improve your cash flow, reduce errors, build better relationships with suppliers and customers, and increase efficiency.


Filing for different types of documentation can help a startup establish a solid legal and operational foundation, gain credibility, and protect valuable assets.

Risk Advisory

Risk Advisory is essential for startups because it helps them identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.


Fundraising is crucial for startups as it provides the necessary capital to fund their operations, develop their products or services, and grow their business.

Why Startup need to be compliant?

Avoiding legal and financial penalties

Build trust with stakeholders

Protect reputation

Access to capital

Competitive advantage 

Global expansion possibilities

Why to get a Genie?


Industry Expertise

Real-time support on compliances

Access to experienced professionals

Hassle free compliance

Cost effectiveness

Peace of mind


 ” I recently used Startup Genie’s compliance services and was extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated by their team. They provided thorough and reliable guidance throughout the process, ensuring that all compliance requirements were met in a timely and efficient manner. I highly recommend Startup Genie for their exceptional compliance services and would definitely use their services again in the future.”

Rohit Saxena

Director, RUR Industries

“Working with Startup Genie for our compliance needs has been a great experience. Their team was knowledgeable and efficient, making the process simple and stress-free. Their attention to detail and commitment to providing high-quality service was impressive. We are grateful for their expertise and support in ensuring our compliance with regulations. We highly recommend Startup Genie for their outstanding compliance services.” 

Sandeep Gudupati

Director, Snithik Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

 “I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Startup Genie for their exceptional compliance services. Their team was responsive, professional, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond to ensure that we were in full compliance with all relevant regulations, providing valuable insights and guidance along the way. I would highly recommend Startup Genie for anyone in need of reliable and efficient compliance services.” 

Shailendra Singh

Founder, Hypertest

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